Noob vs Zombie Apocalypse: Shooting Pro

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What is Noob vs Zombie Apocalypse: Shooting Pro?

Noob vs Zombie Apocalypse: Shooting Pro

In our latest contribution to the Minecraft Games category, Noob has been stuck in the zombie apocalypse, which he now must survive, all through your help, because he believes that you are a shooting pro that will help him shoot away his undead enemies made out of blocks, and reach as further as possible, ensuring survival and freedom!

Become a Shooting Pro in Noob vs Zombie Apocalypse online!

Use WAD to move and jump, and press the spacebar to shoot with your guns. In each level you need to reach the end of the course, but, along the way, kill off the zombies you encounter, so make sure to shoot them directly, or blow up the TNT to make explosions.

The monsters you defeat in each stage leave coins behind, so make sure that you grab them, because you can use them in the shop from the main menu to buy upgrades for Noob, as well as better weapons, to use, such as:

  • pistol
  • uzi
  • shotgun
  • machine gun
  • laser pistol
  • rifle
  • laser-rifle, and many more!

Do that through a total of sixty levels, in which you will encounter a total of 15 bosses, which give you even more rewards when you defeat them. We wish you good luck and all the best, and truly hope that you stick around for more of this fun to come, as only here do you get to have it!

How to play?

Use WAD and the spacebar.

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