Chrono Moss - Quest for Glory

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What is Chrono Moss - Quest for Glory?

Chrono Moss - Quest for Glory

Chrono Moss - Quest for Glory is one of the newest Craig of the Creek Games online we are happy to share with you on our website, a game based around the episode with the same name from the TV show on Cartoon Network, an episode that was structured just like a video game, a video game you will now play through directly, making this game quite the meta experience we definitely recommend for you all!

Go on a Quest for Glory in the Chrono Moss game with Craig of the Creek!

There will be three locations to play in, with the first one being available from the get-go, but the other two you will unlock with 1500 and 2000 points respectively, so if you don't get them, you will be stuck.

Similarly to tower defense games, various creatures attack you, and from the bottom of the screen, you select characters to encounter, placing them on the map to face them and destroy them.

Find the best strategy for using your forces, as each has various power levels and abilities, so use them in the most strategic way you can to clear the enemies, because if they breach your perimeter at the bottom, and defeat you, you will have lost.

It will take wits and dedication to persevere, but we are positive you will achieve it and have plenty of fun, after which we hope to see you around for more fun to come as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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