Legend of the Goblin King

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What is Legend of the Goblin King?

Legend of the Goblin King

The Evil Goblin King living in the Creek has taken Small Uncle captive and stolen the book of the kids, so Craig is about to lead his usual gang of misfits living in the forest to bring everything back to normal, setting off on an incredible adventure you can now take part of by playing this game that we bring you here first, showing how much fun you can always have here!

Help Craig of the Creek investigate the Legend of the Goblin King!

Use the mouse to drag characters in the direction you want them to move, make sure to swipe towards goblin enemies you encounter, and keep doing it and clicking until you have depleted their health bars to win the fights, without having the same done to you and then lose.

Goblins that get defeated leave behind candy, so make sure to move over it to collect it and then trade it with Kit for useful items or weapons. Craig is a healer, so drag him over another character to repair their damage. The waves of enemy goblins only become bigger and more powerful, so make sure you stand up to the task and defeat them each time!

We wish you tons of good luck in this upcoming adventure, you will certainly need it, and we hope to see you play more of our daily games after this one!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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