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What are Craig of the Creek Games?

When it comes to Cartoon Network Games online, you can bet that we have categories for all the best of them, which is what we will prove to you right now as well, when our administrative team showcases you the Craig of the Creek Games, based on one of the channel's newest shows, for which a brand new third season has just started airing, and it has become so popular that it even got its own spinoff series called Jessica's Big Little World, which will air on Cartoonito.

Craig of the Creek: story & characters

Herkleton, Maryland is the main setting of the show, where Craig Williams, together with his two friends, Kelsey Pokoly and J.P. spend most of their days in the creek, in nature, where they have one amazing adventure after another.

This is not your regular creek, because it is actually inhabited by tribes of children, who have their own forts and drive dirt bikes on-ramps, so there are challenges there day after day, both from people, and from nature, but through skill and determination, our protagonists prevail!

Craig is the natural leader of the group, a nine-year-old boy who is always willing to help those around him, has a big and wacky family, and is known to be good both at maths, as well as reading and creating maps.

Kelsey is one year younger, and she is a girl who has a pet bird always sitting on top of her head. She has a PVC stick that she thinks of as a sword, can be quite dramatic in certain situations, but she is really brave and always ready for a new adventure!

What’s the best our Craig of the Creek Games category has to offer?

Despite the show having been on the air for only the last three years, the category has amassed quite a few games in it so far, and we’re not talking just about the ones that are together with other Cartoon Network characters, but original ones just with these ones and this universe.

You can take up the Legendary Trials and try to see if you’ve got what it takes to live in the Creek, you can play quiz games where you find out which character you resemble the most, or play character creator games where you put yourself into the world of this show and games.

There are also bubble shooter games in the form of Zuma here, drawing games where you learn how to draw Craig, the titular character of the show, or you can play an awesome action-adventure game that also doubles down as an educational session about recycling and how to do it.

Together with the other characters from Cartoon Network you will play games where you play ping pong, throw discs at one another, create memes from scratch and be funny, play Toon Cup Games and prove your soccer skills, or do some skateboarding.

Start having fun with our games with Craig of the Creek right now, and we’re sure that you won’t look back even for a second, but just keep having fun!