Craig of the Creek Drone Showdown

Craig of the Creek Drone Showdown

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Craig of the Creek Drone Showdown
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Craig of the Creek Drone Showdown Overview


The world of Craig of the Creek Games online is not known for technology, as the kids usually spend their time in the forest and role-playing fantasy scenarios, but it seems that their peaceful lives have been put under threat by geeks who want to survey them with drones above their forest, which is why you will play 'Drone Showdown', the category's latest addition, where you're invited to use the skills they've taught you, like shooting arrows, to have peace again!

Want to know how to win the Craig of the Creek Drone Showdown? Find out here!

Drones are known for flying at low distances, hovering above, and these ones to that above the forest, and they will be dropping gumballs. Yes, that might sound tasty, but they are actually traps for the kids, who want nothing to do with the sugary treats, so firing arrows at them is what you have to do.

Shooting arrows is not as hard in games as in real life, since here you only have to click or tap where you want them to be fired towards to.

The mouse will follow your direction to move Jessica, who is in charge of protecting the creek from the drones with her arrows, so hover the mouse where you want her to go, and then click to fire.

If the gumballs dropped down hit you, you lose a life, and losing all your three lives means losing, which would be very sad, so try moving away from them. If you can shoot multiple drones with one arrow, pointing them accurately, you will earn extra points, and together with the points you earn you also get coins, which can be used in the shop to buy upgrades for Jessica such as:

  • reload, to never run out of arrows
  • arrows of different powers, like the ones that explode
  • maya, which is a special bat to hit the drones that come even lower

Each drone has gumballs of different colors, and they drop differently from the sky, like the yellow ones, which fall multiple ones at a time, instead of just one like the pink ones. Remember their characteristics, so you can shoot them up with arrows easily, or just avoid them!

Start the arrow-shooting fight in Craig of the Creek Right now, with your favorite forest friends!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Use arrows efficiently, since slow reloading times make you an easy target for the drones.
  • Always buy your upgrades with the coins, and you will see your shooting skills improved.

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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