Craig of the Creek Hack ‘N Smash

Craig of the Creek Hack ‘N Smash

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Craig of the Creek Hack ‘N Smash
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Craig of the Creek Hack ‘N Smash Overview


Hack ‘N Smash is the game with which we are gladly returning to the Craig of the Creek Games category of our website right at this moment, where you can never go wrong with hanging out with these kids in their forest full of fun, where they always improve themselves in various skills, as you will do right now by playing as Kelsey, one of the main characters.

Drones attacked the creek once, and it is now her turn to get rid of them after Jessica just did it with bows and arrows, but she has a trusty sword as her main weapon, something we're now going to teach you how to use so that you can save their home!

Hack ‘N Smash the drones from Craig of the Creek and save it!

The drone sare situated above you in the sky, going higher and higher, and as you use the mouse to swipe up on them, you hack them with your sword, and as you smash them into bits, you get to jump higher from one to another, something you have to do for as big of a distance as possible to get a big score in return.

Some drones stay in position, while others move from one side to another, and if you can destroy the moving ones, the bigger ones, you will always earn more points. There are two power-ups that might appear and help you if you grab them, the magnet, which draws the drones in to attack them quicker, or the star, which gives you more smashing power.

If you miss the drones, you fall to the ground with Kelsey, at which point you can restart and attempt another run, where hopefully you will see the fruits of your hard work and become better skilled to do it. Always beat previous high scores to show your progress!

Start hacking and smashing right now, as only with this Craig of the Creek game you can, and invite your friends into this haven to protect it, and in the other games set in this amazing world!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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