How to Draw Craig of the Creek

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What is How to Draw Craig of the Creek?

How to Draw Craig of the Creek

In many of our categories of Cartoon Network Games you had the chance to play lots of how to draw games, where you learned how to draw specific characters from their shows, but today you get a treat since you get to play How to Draw Craig of the Creek, a game where you have the chance to draw not one, but almost all the main characters in this show, which means even more fun for you to have!

Learn how to draw all your favorite characters from Craig of the Creek!

First, let's go through a list of all the characters you can draw here, and you can browse and choose the one you want to draw first, and then continue with the others to keep the fun going! They are:

  • Craig
  • Kit
  • Kelsey
  • JP
  • Jessica

You are going to separately draw all the body parts of each character, and at the end, they all come together to complete the character, and you can see them animated as well.

Simply use the mouse to draw along the outlines of the drawing, and the more accurate you are, the better the end result is going to be, of course. It's that simple, so waste no time, and start this great game right now!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.