Craig of the Creek: Stick-E-Tag

Craig of the Creek: Stick-E-Tag

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Craig of the Creek: Stick-E-Tag
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Craig of the Creek: Stick-E-Tag Overview


Craig of the Creek: Stick-E-Tag is the latest single-character-focused game from this category of Cartoon Network Games online that you know and love so much, where you get to play as J.P. Mercer, who has to deal with the latest threat to the creek and the friends living there, the Baby Bouncers, and the main weapon you get to use against them is a stick, as the title suggests, as children can use sticks in playing with their imagination, making them be whatever they wish them to be.

Stick-E-Tag the Baby Bouncers from Craig of the Creek!

That is your goal in this game, and for that, you also need your aiming and precision, timing skills, which we will now teach you how to utilize, and as you progress through the game, we're sure that you will keep averaging bigger high scores.

You've got sticky hands on the character, and when you click or tap, you can extend them to make a hit, so do it towards the Baby Bouncers as they will surround you in endless waves, which only get bigger, faster, and more aggressive. If your power meter gets full, you can press and hold to use the Super Swipe, which surrounds you and attacks indiscriminately.

An arrow will encircle JP, and when you tap, it is in the direction of the arrow that the sticky hands are going to attack, so get your timing right to hit the foes, and not just hit the air and waste time, because that lets the babies attack you easier.

At the top left corner, you can see the score you are making through your hits, and the coins you earn, with which you can go to the main menu to buy the following upgrades:

  • length to hit at a wider range
  • size to hit more foes at once
  • swipe for the special skill

You've only got three lives, so if your Creek character gets hit three times and loses all of them, you lose the confrontation and have to start it again, when we are sure you will dedicate yourselves to doing better than before!

Start now, defeat the Baby Bouncers, and check out more games with Craig of the Creek we've worked hard to bring you here recently!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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