Golf in the Creek

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What is Golf in the Creek?

Golf in the Creek

Join Craig and friends for a session of Golf in the Creek, as they can do anything and everything they want in the vast woods, even more so if it is something really fun, just like you're invited to join the party right now, as it would not be the same without you, and that's a fact!

Let's play Golf in the Creek online!

As with the real-life sport, shoot the ball into the hole in the ground next to the flag, but if you can also shoot it through the packets on the way, you gain extra points. The number of shots you have to make to hit each flag is limited, so if you run out of them and you still did not score, you lose.

But, where the ball lands, from there you can shoot again, and along the way, you can also pick up multipliers that increase the number of balls you have. Other than that, the more you hit the holes, the more you can advance, all the way until you finally miss. At that point, start again from scratch and try to reach further deep into the golf course of the woods! Enjoy, and good luck!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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