Craig of the Creek Capture the Flag

Craig of the Creek Capture the Flag

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Craig of the Creek Capture the Flag
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Craig of the Creek Capture the Flag Overview


If you watch Craig of the Creek on Cartoon Network all the time, you know that these kids have all sorts of competitions and wars between them in the woods, and today you take part in one of their classic Capture the Flag games, with the online free game called just like that, where we are positive that you will have tons of fun!

Win the war by capturing the flag!

To move through the woods with your character you use the right and left arrow keys, you press the up one to make jumps, and with the spacebar, you can shoot with your gun.

Shoot towards the enemies from the other team to knock them down, while avoiding their shots at the same time, because if you get eliminated, you lose.

After you dealt with enemies, reach their base to capture their flag, bringing it then back to your own base in order to win, while making sure that the other team does not get your flag instead.

The premise is this simple, so now that you know how to play, try to rack up more wins than the other team, and become king of the creek!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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