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Sword Masters

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Sword Masters
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Play Sword Masters online if you want to take part in one of the most exciting io multiplayer experiences of recent times on our website, with a 3D-rendered world, hypercasual designs, easy gameplay, and tons of fun quests to go on, made even better by the fact that you're joined by other players from all across the world, an experience we will tell you all about right now, worry not!

Become Sword Masters online and have fun!

Your first mission is going to be given to you by none other than Farmer Steve, who tells you that his farm and his whole land have been overtaken by orcs, and they need the help of players such as you to get rid of the green goblins ravaging the land, saving it, and as you do that, increase your popularity as a hero.

Use WASD to move around with your avatar, and attack with the mouse by clicking, but firstly you will only attack barehanded. After defeating a few monsters, you get swords as rewards, which you equip by opening up the inventory with I. You should also put on shields, and since you start naked, any armor that you get should be used for better defenses. Jump with space, run with shift.

Defeat the goblins by hitting them until you deplete them of their health bar, and know that the better weapons you have, the faster you do it. Of course, in further missions, there will be bigger monsters to face. If you receive two identical weapons or items, take note that you can merge them together to create a new one in the same inventory.

Gain XP to get stronger, earn gold to buy better weaponry, and make sure to not lose your health points, or you die and lose the game. You can play against random players, or you can even create rooms where your friends can come over and play together with them. Always pursue a better ranking by playing and killing orcs better than other players!

Start right now, let the fun begin, and check out more multiplayer io games 3D from our website, you won't regret any of them!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse, spacebar, shift key, and I.

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