Magical Animal Transformation Spell Factory

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What is Magical Animal Transformation Spell Factory?

Magical Animal Transformation Spell Factory

Maybe you did not know this, but Harley Quinn really loves animals, as she honestly prefers them to humans, hence why she is now stepping into the Magical Animal Transformation Spell Factory, where you help her bring to reality no less than twelve animals, some with magical proprieties and fantasy features, so get ready for an experience, unlike any others!

Step into the Magical Animal Transformation Spell Factory for fun!

Dressing up Harley comes first, where you mix and match the various clothes, hairstyles, and accessories available in the wardrobe however you see fit and know that you will unlock more clothes after you do some magic.

In the factory, you find items such as feathers, flowers, crystals, brooches, fur, fabrics, and more, with three elements being put in the book for you to do the spell, and see what kind of magical animal appears.

Don't stop until you've made all of them. It's that simple, so start right now, and stick around, as you can never know what more amazing games are coming down the pipeline here for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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