Billie Blonde Transformation

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Billie Blonde Transformation
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What is Billie Blonde Transformation?

Billie Blonde Transformation

Over the past weeks, everyone was talking about how Billie Eilish is rocking her new blonde look, which has already become iconic, so of course, there would now be Billie Eilish Games online where you can go through this makeover together with the beloved artist, something that we are inviting you to do right now and here with the game called Billie Blonde Transformation!

How to give Billie her new blonde look:

Firstly, to put new color in her hair, first get rid of her previous green-haired look. Wash the hair with a special lotion that will remove the color, you will then shampoo her hair, apply a hair conditioner, after which you blow-dry it!

For the makeup part, start by cleaning her face, carefully apply some eye-shadow, glitter, give a new look to her eyelashes, and complete the stage with some lip balm and lipstick.

With her new look, she also wants to dress differently, so find her a new outfit, complete with accessories such as long nails, jewelry, glasses, or purses.

Thanks to you, Billie will shock the music world with her new look, and she surely will feel even more confident than before, all thanks to your skills in the fashion department! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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