Blonde Princess Wonderland Spell Factory

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What is Blonde Princess Wonderland Spell Factory?

Blonde Princess Wonderland Spell Factory

In Blonde Princess Wonderland Spell Factory online, Rapunzel recently went to Wonderland, the same place that Alice likes to visit a lot, and she made a lot of friends there. Still, she had to come back, so now she wants to make magic potions with you, potions that will cause transformations that will bring her friends from that place to her reality. Let's do it!

Enter the Wonderland Spell Factory with Blonde Princess!

First things first, make sure that Rapunzel is stylish, just like any other princess, so dress-up will be the game's first stage, where you mix and match various tops, bottoms, hairstyles, and accessories to create her perfect style.

For the potions, you can use ingredients such as crowns, hats, clocks, cards, and more things related to Wonderland put them in the boiling pot, and see what transforms out of it.

You will have a total of 12 transformations to unlock, so keep trying out new combos until you get them all. Let's begin right now, and have tremendous fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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