Princess Magical Fairytale Kiss

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Princess Magical Fairytale Kiss
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What is Princess Magical Fairytale Kiss?

Princess Magical Fairytale Kiss

Princess Magical Fairytale Kiss is a game added here to bring back the fun that kissing games online were, since the format used to be way more popular in the past, not as much today, but we are sure that you will love this edition featuring a prince and a princess trying not to get caught kissing by the evil witch, with your help, of course!

Make a fairytale kiss for the princess real and magical!

Hold the left mouse button to make the two kiss one another, which fills up the bar at the top, and you have to make it full to complete the level. It slowly decreases when you are not kissing. Why would you not?

Well, because when you see the exclamation marks appear, stop kissing, because the witch, and then other characters in further levels, will look at you.

If you are still kissing and get caught, you lose the level, so don't let that happen, or you have to start each stage all the way again from scratch.

Now that you've understood what to do and how, let the fun begin with one click, and stick around to see what more amazing content is yet to come, as it does every day here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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