Air Hostess Kissing

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What is Air Hostess Kissing?

Air Hostess Kissing

Welcome to Air Hostess Kissing, an old-school throwback to kissing games online that used to be really popular back in the day, and even if they do not appear that often, they are still really awesome and fun, especially if viewed as skill and timing games where you will test and improve upon your focus and reaction time!

Kiss the Air Hostess without getting caught!

You and the hostess on the plane had hit it off, so you are kissing one another, something you do by holding the left mouse button. Keep doing it to increase the bar at the top of the screen, winning the level when it is full.

Most people are sleeping, but when you see the exclamation mark appear, it means the air marshall is coming, so stop kissing, because if caught, you lose a life.

Lives are represented by the stars at the top, and if you lose all three of them you also lose the level and have to start it all over again, with the bar being emptied out.

It's that simple, we guarantee a lot of fun, and we hope that you don't stop here, but keep playing our amazing games day after day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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