FNF Kissing

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What is FNF Kissing?

FNF Kissing

The core of the Friday Night Funkin' story is certainly the love between Boyfriend and Girlfriend, but never before have there been any FNF Kissing games online added into the category, which is why we are delighted that we get this opportunity to share one with you right now, the first one, currently the best one, and definitely a must-play game for the day!

Help BF and GF kiss without getting caught!

People such as the various antagonists that BF faces off against are always trying to stop the love between them, and it seems that this is true even when they are kissing, so help them do it without getting seen or caught by anyone. PaRappa the Rapper is the first one bothering them, and then in future weeks, you have more difficult characters to deal with.

Tap and hold the left mouse button to make the two kiss while the characters are singing, and fill up the hearts with love, trying to fill as many of them as possible before the time granted for the level runs out.

When you see exclamation marks appear next to the character that is singing or rapping, they are going to catch you, so stop kissing, because if you still do it when they look towards you, you lose. Good luck and all the best we want to wish you all, as per usual!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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