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What are Kissing Games?

There are few formats of games for girls out there that are more popular than Kissing Games, which is precisely why our administrative team has even made up a whole category page with kissing games for boys. Since you can find them in almost any other category on our website, you don’t need to search for them one by one or anything like that. They are easily found and played on this page, where we are sure you will now have a tremendous time!

This kind of game is not new at all since it existed from the time of the early Flash games for browsers boom. Now, there are many games like that in HTML5 as well, many of them mobile-friendly ones, so we’ve got no doubt at all that you know what we are talking about. Still, if you are new to this type of game, do not worry—we will go into more detail about it here and now!

How to play Kissing Games online

Usually, the aim of the game is for you to help the couple depicted in it kiss without being seen by anyone around them, with them being placed in all sorts of public places. Sometimes they want to kiss at the beach, sometimes at their office or school, at the movie theater, at a concert, at the pool, while they are strolling through the city, and maybe even at the hospital, but the central aspect remains that there are people around our couple.

If the people around the couple see them kissing at any point, you usually lose the game at that precise point and are forced to start all over again. To make the lovers kiss, you typically have to tap and hold the left mouse button on the screen. While you do that, they will kiss, and a bar will fill up at the top or bottom of the screen.

Once the bar is full, the level is complete, and you can go to another level or get kissed in another place. When the two are not kissing, the bar decreases slowly, but don’t worry since it is more important not to get caught than to be fast. You can usually spot when you are about to get caught by exclamation marks on the screen, which signals that people around you are suspicious, so stop the kissing immediately.

Our best Games for girls

First of all, know that if there is a famous couple out there, fictional or real, there is probably a kissing game out there featuring them, such as Twilight And Flash Kissing, Nobita and Shizuka, Elsa and Jack from Disney, and among the most popular ones we have found to be Miraculous Kissing featuring Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Try any of the games on this page right now, see why they are as popular as they are, and visit the girl games category to continue having fun on our website like only here is possible!