Spider-Man Kiss

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What is Spider-Man Kiss?

Spider-Man Kiss

Help Spider-Man Kiss is Girlfriend in a brand new kissing game online unlike it has ever before been added into the Spiderman Games category, which is known more for its action content, but right now you're about to have a fresh and new experience, mainly recommended to girls who love this superhero!

Give Spider-Man a kiss!

Hold the left mouse button to descend on the web and kiss the girl, which gives you points in return as you fill-up the progress bar. Once it is full, you advance to the next level. Villains appear out of the blue at times, so don't kiss when they're near, because you then lose the level.

You will be timed as well, so try and see how fast you can complete each of the levels. The rules are that simple, and no matter how difficult the levels get, with enough focus, we are sure that you will always win and help Spiderman make his love a reality!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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