Harley Learns to Love

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What is Harley Learns to Love?

Harley Learns to Love

Harley Learns to Love is a perfectly-added game for the month of Valentine's Day, when love goes all around the place, and Harley from DC Comics would want to learn about it as well, considering that she has only been with the ever-so-toxic Joker so far, but it seems that she has finally found a really nice guy. Let's help their romance bloom even further!

Let's learn about love with Harley!

Start off with Harley's Makeover, since she used to look kind of crazy, but now wants to look more casual. Begin by doing makeup, of course, a stage where you clean up and exfoliate her skin, wash her hair to get rid of the dye in it, remove any zits or pimples, and then you mend eyelashes, apply lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and she will be ready to go!

Where? To her wardrobe to change her style, as dressing up the heroine comes next, so browse and combine various tops and bottoms, pick the perfect pair of shoes, and accessorize with a nice purse. Then comes the long-awaited date with her new beau, for where you choose the location, the boyfriend, and then tap the lips button to make them kiss until you fill-up the bar to the left, without getting seen.

All of this fun awaits you right now, one click away, so for anything in the world you should not miss out on playing this lovely game!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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