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What are Harley Quinn Games?

Harley Quinn Games was a much-needed category of superhero games for girls, for boys too, for that matter, as we know that she already has plenty of fans from both genders, as the character is currently one of the most popular ones in the world of superheroes stories, as she is portrayed masterfully by Margot Robbie in the DC Universe movies, she has a hit animated television show that is raunchy and aimed at adult audiences, and she is also going to be the focus in Joker: Foliex-a-Deux, the sequel to the smash hit movie based on the Batman antagonist, with this side of the DC word being where this villain-turned-heroine also comes from!

Oh, and we can't forget about the fact that she is one of the main characters in DC Super Hero Girls, a hit show on Cartoon Network for which we also have plenty of amazing games, so we're getting an overdose of Harley, and we're totally here for it! Considering the origin of the character, that was definitely an intended pun. Don't you know where she comes from? Well, allow us to explain!

See why all girls here should play our Harley Quinn Games online for free!

This character is quite unique in the sense that she does not come from the comic books, but was instead made as an original character for an animated television show with Batman, where she was made as a counterpart and side-kick to Joker, as her name comes from the word Harlequinn, which is the female equivalent to a jokester, comedian, or clown.

She used to be a doctor at Arkham Institute, where the Joker often ended up after being caught by Batman, his biggest villain, and he eventually seduced the doctor and turned her into a villain just like himself, although in the past few years she left him behind, and tried to become more of a hero, or, rather, an anti-hero.

We could clearly see that in her saving the world in movies such as Suicide Squad, its sequel, or the Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey movie, and in her depiction in the latest television shows. She might be quite crazy, as she often declares herself, but it is good inside her.

Girls love to play Harley Quinn games to dress her up, do her makeup, maybe change her hairstyle, and many more fashion-related activities, primarily, which is what this page focuses on, and you can trust us when we say that the best of these games can be found here, and you should start checking them out immediately!