The Joker's Escape

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What is The Joker's Escape?

The Joker's Escape

The Joker's Escape is a game added here and right now to satisfy the need you have for new Batman Games online at this moment, something we are positive about since the latest movie is a real hit at the box-office, but with critics too, and even if this villain was not in the center of this new movie, it's always fun to go up against him, so do it right now, preventing him from escaping Arkham!

Help The Joker's Escape succeed!

The goal is to keep the Joker bouncing higher and higher, so help him jump on top of Judy and Puch, his henchmen, using the mouse to move, using other items as well. It is like a jumping game where you have to use the things on the wires to keep jumping, but if you miss, you fall to the ground, where Batman will catch the clown, so don't let it happen.

The higher you reach, the bigger your score becomes, so aim high, in both ways! Good luck, enjoy, and don't stop here, because more fun is still to come here!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.