Mad Andreas Joker Stories

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What is Mad Andreas Joker Stories?

Mad Andreas Joker Stories

Mad Andreas Joker Stories combines the gameplay of GTA Games online with the city of Gotham, and the universe of Batman Games, as you get your chance at playing the Joker, the most iconic villain of that whole franchise, whom you will now help create chaos all around the city since that is and always will be his main purpose in life!

Have a crazy fun time with Mad Andreas Joker Stories online!

As a villain, you have to go around beating up people, especially heroes, robbing banks, shooting armed forces, or various other kinds of crimes, all the while making sure not to get caught by the police or superheroes coming after you.

You get to do this by foot, or you can hop into vehicles that you steal, in which case you should make yourself ready for police chases and raids.

You can always use the money that you steal to buy new gear, all sorts of cool weapons, and upgrades that will make your villain character stronger, and ready to face off against bigger threats.

Move or drive with WASD, jump with space, exit or enter cars with E, use the mouse to aim, shoot, look around, or even change weapons, and open up the parachute with U.

Good luck, get ready for your new supervillain life, and stick around to see what other amazing content is going to follow here today for you all!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, the mouse, E, and U.



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