Batman: Return Of The Joker NES Game

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What is Batman: Return Of The Joker NES Game?

Batman: Return Of The Joker NES Game

Welcome to Batman: Return Of The Joker, an NES Game that you can now play free of charge on our website, without needing to find old consoles, download it, or even find an emulator, since everything you want to do you can do directly on our website, where we are positive you will now have simply the best time possible!

Play Batman: Return Of The Joker online free!

Of course, in this game, Batman needs your help to defeat The Joker, without a doubt his most important, iconic, and biggest enemy, a villain that transcends the pages of comic books, the frames on television, or even in movies.

Joker will sometimes send out his cronies to do his dirty work, so dispatch of them at every point you encounter them, but also defeat the villain himself when you encounter them.

Try getting as many points as possible for a good performance. Use the arrows to move, Z to shoot or strike, and Z to jump. Gotham City is a place filled with crime, so you need to be doing your best to get rid of it, and cut the snake from its head!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z and X keys.

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