Pamela Hot Kissing

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Pamela Hot Kissing
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What is Pamela Hot Kissing?

Pamela Hot Kissing

Pamela Hot Kissing is a kissing game online with hidden elements that features one of the most beloved actresses in television and film of the eighties, Pamela Anderson, who is still considered by some the most beautiful woman ever, and we're sure that you are down to help her kiss her BF without being caught, right now and here!

Let's done some Hot Kissing with Pamela!

Click and hold to make the couple kiss in any location they are, but when you see exclamation marks appear on the screen, it means that people are watching, so you need to stop then and there because if you keep doing, you are caught and you lose the level.

Let the two kiss enough so that the bar fills up, and know that when you're not smooching, it decreases. Also, you are playing against time, so make sure to finish each stage before the time granted for it runs out on you completely.

Now that the rules have been understood by everyone, you should be ready to start have fun right away, as only here is possible, after which we hope to see you check out even more of our daily content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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