Toca Boca Kiss

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What is Toca Boca Kiss?

Toca Boca Kiss

Toca Boca kissing games had never before been added to our website, so of course we are excited that right at this moment we can share this kind of game with you, merging together two of our most popular formats, so get yourselves ready for a unique time, as always!

Help Toca Boca Kiss online!

There are four couples to play with in total, and you unlock one after you finish level of the previous one. Use the mouse to hold it and make the couples kiss, and keep at it until you fill-up the bar to win the level. When characters nearby have the exclamation mark next to them, it means they are looking, so stop.

If you get caught kissing, you will have lost the level and have to start again, remember that. Now that you understood, start right away, get 3/3 hearts per level, and tell your friends that they can play this wonderful game as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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