Toca Boca: Unlock All Skins

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Toca Boca: Unlock All Skins
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What is Toca Boca: Unlock All Skins?

Toca Boca: Unlock All Skins

Toca Boca: Unlock All Skins is a new simple and really awesome dress-up game set in this simulated world we now invite you to have lots of fun with, just like we did, which is how we can now explain to you what and how to do it!

Can you Unlock All Skins from Toca Boca?

If so, dress the characters up using clothes, and accessories such as purses, hats, and jewelry, but also choose hairstyles, shoes, and more, using the money you earn from your various outfits to acquire new items from the wardrobe, and the skins, so you play with more characters.

It is all as simple as that, as you can see, so now that you know, start the game, and make sure to tell friends to come over for fun too, they would regret it otherwise!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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