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What are Toca Boca Games?

Toca Boca is one of the most used applications for children, which is why the team has created a special category for fans of this game, in which you will have the opportunity to meet the most important characters and animations of the original game. For beginners, we want to inform you that all rights to these games, images, applications are subject to, and everything you find on this page is created as fun made by fans of this application.

Why Toca Boca is the most popular application among children?

The Toca Boca application was born in 2011, the year in which the first version of this game was published by a team of developers from Sweden. The mission of this application is quite simple, to develop and cultivate children's imagination in a way that no other application has done so far. In these games you will have to put your mind to the contribution and try to create a virtual world Toca Life: World, in which to build a house, to arrange your interior rooms as you want, and in this chapter, you will have to know that your home can be customized in the smallest detail, from the bedroom, bathroom, hallway, pool, kitchen, to the clothes you can put in your dressing room or what picture you can put on the wall in the living room. This level of personalization is very high, which is why children come to love this game because they can create the world they want in the smallest detail.

In the application you will find many more games that we guide you to try, downloading the original application from the Apple or Android store.

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