Surprise Egg Toy Shop

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What is Surprise Egg Toy Shop?

Surprise Egg Toy Shop

Surprise Egg Toy Shop is here to bring more new life into the Toca Boca Games category of our website, even more so when you get to play around with virtual surprise eggs, which are just as fun as the ones you open up in real life, even more so since the game is set in this fantastic virtual world we know you all love!

Let's have fun at Toca Boca's Surprise Egg Toy Shop!

Watch as life goes on in this world, such as the cars passing by, and when you see coins above them, click on them, having to keep on clicking until you earn enough to open up the sets of surprise eggs which come from various worlds, all of which you can unlock with coins at the shop:

  • Toca Boca
  • Minecraft
  • Poppy Playtime

Then, open up the eggs, maybe trade them for more coins, unlock even more eggs to open up, and let the surprises keep on coming for endless fun that you can have! Let's begin right now, and if your friends also love this world, invite them over to it once more right away!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.