Magical Unicorn Pet Care

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What is Magical Unicorn Pet Care?

Magical Unicorn Pet Care

Magical Unicorn Pet Care is here to prove that you can never go wrong by playing pet caring games for kids on our website, as always make sure that this genre is being freshened up with awesome new content of children cannot get tired of, and we're sure they will be even more interested right now that the pet you take care of is a mythical one that exists only in fairytales and games: a unicorn!

Take great care of your magical unicorn pet!

Among the things you will do with this cute baby animal, we have to shower it, as it got really dirty playing all day, sweaty too, you will feed it great food with lots of fruits, water, but even treats such as cookies or ice cream, dress it up nicely in a cute outfit for animals, and don't forget to slowly put it to bed, since it needs to rest for a new day of fun that will await it tomorrow.

Don't worry, because for all these activities you are given the items and products you need to use, but also are shown how to use them with on-screen cues such as arrows, so follow them and you will be the best unicorn babysitter in the world of video games! Start now, why not?

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How to play?

Use the mouse.