Barbie's Animal Shelter

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What is Barbie's Animal Shelter?

Barbie's Animal Shelter

Ever since we've known her, Barbie has been one of the most giving and caring people and dolls in the entire world, so it was only natural for her to set up her own animal shelter where she would take care of animals who needs help, but this time she needs help, as she is a bit overwhelmed by it all, so you are here to play this new animal care game called Barbie's Animal Shelter and have fun with her!

Help Barbie take care of the wonderful pets!

You get to choose which of the three pets you want to babysit, having three options:

  • a cat
  • a dog
  • a bunny

After that, they have three stats that you need to take care of, which are their energy, their hunger, and their happiness, and for each of them, you have solutions to fill them up.

If the pet is hungry, give them food, if they don't have energy, put them to sleep, and if they are sad, play with them. Pick the action you want to do at each time by clicking on the corresponding button in front of the pet.

It's that simple, and we're sure not only will you have fun, but the animals will feel very loved and happy in your care!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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