Yummy Donut Factory

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What is Yummy Donut Factory?

Yummy Donut Factory

Yummy Donut Factory is yet another magnificent addition of our team over to the cooking games category that we know for sure many girls, and maybe even some boys, love to check out on our website, where you will become a factory of making delicious donuts so that all your customers get their orders and have a better day thanks to you!

Just like in a factory, make one yummy donut after another!

Of course, with the ingredients and tools of your kitchen, you will make the dough, bake it since that is how the donut itself comes to life, and know that you will be able to make them in various shapes in addition to the classic ones.

You will also mix up ingredients to create the fillings and the creams that go inside and on top of the baked goods, and don't forget to use sprinkles, chocolate, and other toppings, creating an additional layer of deliciousness.

Decorate the donuts as well, making sure that they look tasty, not just be tasty. Just follow the on-screen instructions that you receive through all the four levels of the game to achieve your goal, simple as that.

If you loved playing the game, make sure to invite your friends to play it as well, since you might have similar tastes, which means guaranteed fun for everyone!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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