Yummy Waffle Ice Cream

Yummy Waffle Ice Cream

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Yummy Waffle Ice Cream
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Yummy Waffle Ice Cream Overview

It's time to make waffles, but not just ordinary waffles, we are making them gourmet! Well, it's time to make it, we go to step 1 from the task list and start preparing the dish! We start by choosing the proper tools and ingredients for the waffles. We find them in the kitchen, after we find them we are ready to move on to step 2.

In step 2 we are ready to mix the ingredients in. We start with the milk, then the melted butter, the eggs, and finally, the vanilla extract. After that, we mix them up well and we are ready to add the other set of ingredients. First, we add the flour, then the sugar, the baking powder, and lastly, the salt. We stir it up well and add it to our other set of ingredients, mixing them up to make our batter.

We cook the batter in the waffle machine and we are done with the waffles. Next, we add the toppings! Here we can choose a huge variety of toppings and other customizations. The customizations that you can add include:
  • Different types of plates, ranging from plain white to green.
  • Ice cream that comes in round or pointy shape, also with a variety of different toppings.
  • Ice cream toppings.
  • Many types of syrup/cream, like maple syrup.
  • Different fruits or candy on the side.
  • Toppings for the waffles such as small fruit or candy.
You can also choose a random plate to decorate it. Time to cook waffles!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.

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