Yummy Super Pizza

Yummy Super Pizza

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Yummy Super Pizza
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Yummy Super Pizza Overview


We don't often bring along cooking games online, but you know very well that when we do, they are the best of the best, which is the reason why right now you are all invited to check out Yummy Super Pizza, without a doubt one of the best pizza cooking games online you will ever play, where we are sure that if you follow the instructions correctly, you will bake the tastiest pizza ever!

Make the yummiest pizza, from scratch!

Yes, this is not the game where you take a frozen pizza and cook it in the oven, but individually take every part of the pizza, make it, and when put together, it will result in something very delicious.

You will use the dough to create the bread of the pizza, making it as puffy as possible, but also slim, you will put cheese, tomato sauce, meat, mozzarella, and other kinds of toppings you want, and put them on the pizza.

When everything that is needed and you wanted to put on the pizza is there, you will put it in the oven, where it is going to bake, so be careful not to leave it in too much and burn it.

Finally, arrange any other kinds of side dishes you would want, and make the food just ready to be eaten, so that your virtual customers can enjoy your yummy pizza!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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