Zack and Cody Pizza Party Pickup

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What is Zack and Cody Pizza Party Pickup?

Zack and Cody Pizza Party Pickup

Zack and Cody Pizza Party Pickup are one of the best games that you are going to be playing all the time, and in this case, you would totally be showing us the way in which zack and Cody are totally sure of something that you would really follow over here. Believe it or not and try to get to the point where everything is going to be told by you on our case, because if you are ready for something really awesome and a thing that you would like it, then, everything would happen in the best position that you are going to make. Show us the ways in which zack and Cody could eat all the pizza without getting caught. You have to manage to avoid the mother and Mr. Mosby because if they would catch you, then you could be in real trouble.

Who can throw the best pizza party in the summer? Zack and Cody, Maddie or London from Suite Life of Zack and Cody cartoons? The more pizza party snacks and cool stuff you collect on your way up to the top of the tripod, the hotter your party will be. Playing with Zack and Cody is pretty simple, but in order to get through all the levels and have a successful pizza party, you will need to consider several things. For starters, you'll need to know that both Disney characters will be controlled with the arrow keys. The first thing you need to consider is to stay away from Mr. Moseby, Carey or the opposing team. The next thing you have to do in the game is to collect more and more items to feed yourself, but you will notice that the vast majority of items are fast food.

A pizza that has no salami on it or cheese will be worth only 10 points, but depending on how rich it is, you can earn up to 50 points for a single slice of pizza. If you manage to find a whole pizza packed in a white cardboard box you will have to take it because it is worth 250 points. The fruits are valuable too, but an apple is worth 30 points, a banana also 30, cherries all 30, a strawberry also 30 points, and the orange or berries juice 20 bonus points. you can collect bonus points and if you collect all the money in the game, and each golden coin is worth 5 points.

Obviously, at a successful pizza party, we also need specific objects, namely colored helium balloons as well as music, speakers or a radio; If you can find the radio you will get 500 points and for colored balloons 100 points. Start the game in the maze full of coins and bonus points, and try to stay away from characters that are everywhere and trying to catch you.

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