Orcs Attack 2

Orcs Attack 2

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Orcs Attack 2
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Orcs Attack 2 Overview


Orcs Attack 2 is yet another amazing hypercasual strategy and war game online set in a fantasy world we're now inviting you to play and enjoy to the fullest, especially since having orcs as enemies in these worlds has become quite a cliche already, but it is more of a classic, if you ask us, since it is really fun to do battle against them, something we're going to teach you how to do in this following part of the article, worry not!

Stop the Orcs Attack online!

You start off directly under attack, so when you've got money, click on the unit button down below and then drag them on the map, and do so until you have enough to defeat the first wave of orcs' attackers. With the money you've gained, go into the headquarters, adding more slots for units, upgrading existing ones through merging them, or buying equipment for them in the shop.

Between each wave, make sure to upgrade units and create stronger ones, adding them to your unit inventory, and then dropping them into battle to defeat the orcs. Each new wave is stronger than the last, so you need to make sure your army has the power it needs to stand tall against them.

You can have swordsmen, archers, turrets, and all sorts of units, and the more diverse you've got them, the more chances you've got to win! If you die, by having been depleted of soldiers and your castle destroyed, try a better strategy for your next attempt, and keep becoming a better general. Start now, and win!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Buy upgrades, new weapons, and new slots for units between waves of orcs to defeat them with more ease.
  • Add defensive towers and enlarge your barracks to be stronger.
  • Spawn magical users to your army to overpower your foes.

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