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Draw Attack

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Draw Attack
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Draw Attack Overview


War games with strategy are one of the most beloved genres of online games for visitors of our website, which is why whenever there are some of them available to share with you, we do it, even more so if they bring something new to the format and offer a fresh experience, which is exactly what happens right now with Draw Attack, because it gets combined with drawing games, making for quite the fresh experience!

Use your drawing skills to win the war!

In each level of the game you are going to war against the red soldiers, from the red army, and you control the black soldiers, all of the soldiers being depicted as stickmen, of course. You will see in front of you the enemy forces that you have to defeat, and then you have a few seconds to prepare your strategy, drawing drops along the battlefield.

Pick classes of soldiers from the list down below, such as a regular soldier or a crossbowman, and then draw lines to place them on the battlefield, and when you think you're done, hit the 'Fight' button. Then, the battle starts, and if you had the better strategy and drew your soldiers in a good formation, you clearly win.

Of course, winning wars gives you coins in return, and you can use them further to buy and unlock new classes of soldiers, and strengthen your army, which is definitely recommended! Good luck to you, we hope you win the wars, and we hope you enjoy this game which is truly like no others here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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