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Ships 3D

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Ships 3D
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Ships 3D Overview


Ships 3D is a multiplayer io game online that is also a simulator game, one where you simulate old-school ship steering and fighting on the seas, all in a 3D world and environment unlike you've seen before, which we are quite sure you are going to enjoy very much, just like we did, and in this next part of the article we teach you how to do it, worry not!

Let's sail and sink Ships 3D online!

Move with WASD look around with the mouse, and press F to interact with the steering wheel, at which moment you use the A and D keys for steering your ship on the seas. Use F also for the cannons, or the sail. To use the cannon, aim and shoot them using the mouse. For the sail, you also use A and D.

Through the waters you will have to sail, and when you see other ships, shoot them down with your cannons. When you're shooting, you can have your helper bot steer, and the other way around if you are at the helm. Try defeating as many other ships as possible, so that you can climb up the rankings and become a top sea warrior of this game!

How to play?

Use WASD, F, and the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Take part of engaging sea battles where you shoot your cannons at rival ships!
  • Defeat other ships to climb the leaderboard of real players that you find on the same seas.

Game Walkthrough

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