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What are Ship Games?

We’ve already got a page dedicated to games with boats, but because we know how important the diversification of our categories is, you can now also find on our website its sister category of Ship Games, where you are also going to have a lot of fun, especially if you are fascinated about the world of the seas and adventures it provides!

While some people alternate between using the words ship and boat for the same thing, there are a few differences, mainly because boats are sometimes smaller, and they are used more for leisure, such as the small rowing boats you use to go fishing, or the yacht, which you would call a boat faster than a ship.

When we think about ships, we think about the big water vehicles that are used to transport cargo from one continent to another, military ships that are used for warfare, or, in the past, pirate ships made out of wood!

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Based around the small categorization of ships we’ve made earlier, one of the genres you will find on this page is that of cargo ships games, where you try to sail your ships from one port to another to deliver the cargo in them, growing a water transport business the more you deliver.

If you want something more action-oriented, play our military ships games online where you use the cannons and other weapons equipped to your ship to take down the enemy ships you encounter, submarines, or even take down airplanes flying in the sky.

The military and its ships are the focus of one of the world’s biggest and most popular board games, that being Battleship, a game you can now also play online for free on our website. What is the game about?

Well, players arrange their ship on their part of the sea without the other player seeing them, and then they have to shoot missiles towards the enemy side by guessing positions on the board, such as J-7, or A-3. If you find all the enemy ships and destroy them first, you win!

If one day you are dreaming about becoming a man of the seas, try out any of our ship simulator games online, where you will experience the daily life on the sea, where you maintain the ship, mend it, sail it, and, who knows, maybe you even become pirate.

Try some pirate ship games online too, where you get to become the captain of a band of pirates and sail your ship to attack the other ships on the seas, steal their goods, and maybe even go treasure-hunting on unexplored islands.

There’s a ton of fun to be had by playing online games with ships on our website, all of the games being free and unblocked, so we hope to see you diving into this category right away, a decision that if you take, you won’t regret even for a second, trust us! Enjoy!