Battleship War

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What is Battleship War?

Battleship War

Battleship War is yet another variation on the classic and timeless Battleship board game that many of you know and love, but maybe you don't really have the chance or possibility to play it in real life right now, so the best next thing is an awesome online version like this one, which we are sure you will love playing!

Use your strategy to win the Battleship War!

The main premise is the same in both modes of the game, which is you place your ships, and then try hitting with bombs the part of the sea of the other player, with the goal of ultimately defeating all the enemy ships and sinking them, which is when you achieve victory. The computer tries to do the same to you.

This is what you do in the classic mode, but if you pick the advanced one, you collect points along the way that you can use to buy power-ups. Power-ups include one that hits random cells at once, and another one that reveals the position of one of the enemy ships, and these might be your key towards victory.

It's that simple, so good luck we wish you all, inviting you to stick around for more content of the day, you are not going to regret anything you play here today!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.