Castel War 3D

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What is Castel War 3D?

Castel War 3D

Castel War 3D is the latest version of this popular war, strategy, and fighting game online series that has had a few editions prior, which is precisely why we knew that sharing this one right now would be a really good idea, even more right now that the fights are going to be rendered in three dimensions, making everything, even more, fun and realistic!

Can you win the Castel War 3D online?

In this hypercasual running and fighting game online, use the mouse to navigate your blue stickman general, and do it to collect the blue bubbles, which you then need to take over to the blue tile, from where you can generate a soldier for each one that you have on you, so the more bubbles, the more military troops.

There might be multiple barracks, if you want to call them that, so use those too, because the more forces you have, the better. Use them to take out the red stickman soldiers, the final big boss, which is a huge red stickman, and, finally, make sure to take out the castle itself to win the level.

That's basically it, so now that you know it, be confident to start playing right away, after which we've got even more great content coming, we promise!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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