Gun War Z1

Gun War Z1

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Gun War Z1
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Gun War Z1 Overview


Welcome to Gun War Z1, a new chance for the visitors of our website to battle against zombies using the best machine guns and other weaponry out there, an experience you shouldn't hesitate on even for a second, since we guarantee fun times from our own time with it, about which we will tell you, so you can give in full performance from the start!

Let's win Gun War Z1 online!

In this terrific endless shooting hypercasual game in 3D, in each stage zombies are attacking you or survivors, in dangerous places such as when they are climbing a tower, or when they are on top of the train, attacking you directly.

Your goal is to shoot them up until each wave has been completely decimated and earn coins in return for your performance. If survivors get killed, or you get bit and killed, you lose the level and have to restart it.

Hold the mouse or touch controls on the machine gun to drag it around and shoot at it. Don't worry about ammo. Upgrade the guns and their abilities between levels, with your earnings, as each new zombie wave or horde is bigger and stronger than the last.

Good luck and great focus we wish you, shooting skills, and we hope to see you around for more great games to come as of yet!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Keep upgrading your machine guns to shoot bigger hordes of zombies.
  • Don't let survivors get bit, or you will lose.

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