Gun War Z2

27.12.2022 836 9 votes

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What is Gun War Z2?

Gun War Z2

Gun War Z 2 is going to be an action-packed shooting game with hypercasual elements, and it is going to definitely be a very hype game for all of you willing to give it a try, with us guaranteeing that you will really enjoy it even if you've not played the first one so far!

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You are in a helicopter where you handle a Gatling gun using the mouse, holding it, and moving it in order to shoot. Shoot at the zombies that are chasing the survivors in each level, needing to make sure that all the survivors reach the pick-up spot, where it is safe for them, and that is how you clear the level.

If you lose too many people to the zombies, as they will try to grab and eat them, you will lose that level, so focus on not allowing that to happen. Now that you've understood how simple it all is, nothing should be holding you back from trying the game right now, only here, after which even more great games are to follow, guaranteed!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.