War Gun Commando

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What is War Gun Commando?

War Gun Commando
War Gun Commando is a new shooting game where you need to complete missions, collect money, upgrade your gear, and do much more. You need to kill the enemies on the missions you are given and also defeat bosses.

In each mission, you must defeat the enemies to finish it. Each mission has optional side objectives that you can do for extra stars for each mission. You are hidden behind the cover and when there are multiple covers you can switch between them. You must be wary of your surroundings, you must kill the enemy troops before they can shoot you down and kill you.

You have multiple tools at your disposal to get rid of the enemies, you've got your trusty main weapon, there are many weapons in the game that you can purchase and use to kill enemies. The first weapon is the Assault Rifle, low recoil and a fast weapon that is otherwise not that strong but its accuracy makes up for the lack of firepower. The next weapon in the game is the Sniper Rifle, an incredibly strong weapon with a scope on it but has a very slow shooting rate. The last weapon is the Machine gun, a very fast shooting weapon that is very balanced.

Each weapon has its own cons and pros, it's up to you to choose your weapon of choice. You can also upgrade your equipment. Your equipment consists of glasses, body armor, battle suit, gloves, and boots. The upgrades give them more protection against bullets and also upgrade your HP.

The guns can be upgraded too! You can upgrade their ammo capacity, firepower, lower their recoil, and a lot more for you to discover!

Get ready to shoot the bad guys!

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How to play?

Use the mouse to shoot. Aim with right-click and shoot with left-click. R to reload and Tab to pause. On mobile use the touch buttons.