Fight For America: Country War

Fight For America: Country War

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Fight For America: Country War
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Fight For America: Country War Overview


'Fight For America: Country War' is the latest hypercasual war, shooting, action, and strategy game all into one, a game with stickmen in red and blue fighting against one another, which has always been received very well by the visitors of our website, and this one won't be an exception, with our team now teaching you what and how to do it, so we can guarantee you a win in the war!

Let's Fight For America and win the Country War!

With the mouse or touch controls, you move your stickman general in blue, using the first round of funds you get to buy your first turret, a cannon, and then let the enemies cross the border to start shooting at them. You shoot at them with your general when they are in your area circle, and when they get near your defenses.

Defeat the wave, and then go over to their side of the map to take over their flag and plant yours. That's how you win territory, which you then have to rinse and repeat to take over the enemies, but each new wave of foes gets stronger and bigger. This only means that you have to add more defenses, gain more weapons, and spawn more soldiers.

You do this with the coins you earn after each battle you've won, going on until you win the whole war. Good luck, stick around, and invite your friends for more fun too!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Add more turrets to your territory to increase its defenses.
  • Spawn more soldiers to defeat the enemy army.
  • Upgrade your troops to make them defeat enemies easier and faster.

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