Eye Attack - Toilet Monster War

Eye Attack - Toilet Monster War

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Eye Attack - Toilet Monster War
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Eye Attack - Toilet Monster War Overview


Play Eye Attack - Toilet Monster War if you want a simple and fun puzzle-shooting game online with skill elements that also take elements from the most popular meme of last year, Skibidi Toilet, who in this game will once again be your targets, but you as the shooter are a regular salaryman who has to save the world, as they've invaded ours after defeating the Cameraheads.

These new toilet monsters have eyes coming out of the toilet, hence the title. They are a new breed of them that is even more dangerous, so only your skills and focus can help the world prevail against them!

Attack the Eye to win the Toilet Monster War!

The first mode you have to play in is the Classic one, which features forty levels in increasing difficulty, and for each of them, you can win from one to three stars per performance, so you should aim in such a way to get 3/3 for all the levels if you want to prove you're the ultimate shooter!

Aim and shoot by clicking or tapping in the direction you want to do it, and if there's nothing in the way, try aiming at the toilets directly. If walls are between you, try shooting into them to ricochet the bullet toward your targets. You can shoot the wooden blocks off, or shoot into the metal ones to make them fall on the monsters.

Another trick you can use is shooting the TNT when it appears, causing the explosions that blow up the toilets. You start off with just one, but more targets get added, while you always have a limited number of bullets that you can use. The fewer you use, the more stars you earn, but running out of bullets with enemies still standing forces you to restart that level.

The Blocks mode is similar to arcade bubble games, where blocks fall from the top, and you need to shoot them up, because if they cross the green line at the bottom, you lose. The number on the blocks shows how many times they need to be hit to disappear, so also shoot through the bullets in the air to have more ammo.

In the Merge mode, drop items on the line below, and make it so that two identical ones merge into one another to form the next one in the evolution cycle, until you've merged the final item. Don't drop randomly or with haste, since wasting time can cost you moves, and if you run out of space, you lose the chance to keep merging.

There's Skibidi Toilets, three types of games into one, so you've got no excuse to start right away, something you won't regret even for a moment, guaranteed!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Play the game in three awesome modes: Classic, Blocks, and Merge!
  • Shoot Skibidi Toilets with good precision to save the world, no matter how many targets there are!
  • Get 3/3 stars in all the levels to reach 100% completion!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Artem Lanin

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