Skibidi Vs Police

Skibidi Vs Police

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Skibidi Vs Police
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Skibidi Vs Police Overview


Skibidi Vs Police is not only a return to form for this meme games category, but also one of the best tower defense games it has had in a while, which you're invited to play on both computers and mobile devices, where the police are the cameramen, and the criminals are the toilets, in a never-ending war that we hope you will be the one to win!

Win the Skibidi Vs Police war online!

With the mouse or touch controls you place Cameramen and police officers as well as static defenses like cones, so that you block the waves of attacking Skibidi Toilets coming from the top, having to shoot them all up and eliminate them before they can cross the barrier line, because if that happens, you lose.

As you defeat your foes, you earn more funds to add more units on the ground, which you should be doing all the time to always be a step ahead of the waves, and defeat them. If they overtake you and you lose the level, take any earnings you've got and prepare better for the next war, until you win the fights!

You have to be both strategic and quick, which we are counting on you for, and if you've got a taste for this kind of game, the category offers many more for you to check out, which we hope you will do afterward!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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