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What are Age of War Games?

Play the best Age of War Games online for free to learn how you can emerge victorious from a large-scale war.

Age Of War Games: An Introduction

The first game in the series was released in 2007 by a group known as Louissi, which used to be available on Newgrounds, and the original game and its sequels were available on many websites for many years.

Considering that flash games will no longer be supported after 2020, you might be wondering where you can still play them, and the answer is our website, where they are all ready to play thanks to the Ruffle software we implemented for you all.

In addition to Age Of War 1 and Age of War 2, there were two more original sequels, but they had different titles. One is Army of Ages, and the other is Technical Wars. All of the games have the awesome feature of allowing you to travel through history and do battle in various times of human civilization.

The Age of War gameplay explained:

The games are basically tower defense games, but instead of towers, you have what is called a base, and the computer also has its own base. Each of you tries to tear down the enemy base to win the war while making sure that your own stays up.

You use the mouse to spawn troops that will march across the map to the enemy, both to attack their base and for defense because they will send forces too, so you try to intercept them. You become the winner if you deplete the CPU’s health bar to zero.

The more you battle and win, the more powerful troops you can send, but so will your enemy, so always improve and upgrade through the ages to take the upper hand and make your own army and people the dominant force!

It’s a game where you have to focus and find the best strategies to win, but, most importantly, you need not ever give up! It’s that simple, so start right now, with any game in this series, even the fan-made ones that are inspired by the originals, but don’t belong in the franchise directly, since they are also tons of fun!