Stickman WW2

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Stickman WW2
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What is Stickman WW2?

Stickman WW2

Stickman WW2 is a new war game online with stickmen inspired by classics such as Age of War Games, since we're talking about which is about clicking, gathering resources, and building a bigger army than the one that the enemy has, the only way to achieve victory for the good side in a recreation of World War 2 online!

Win the Stickman WW2!

Use the mouse to click on the chest button, which creates the stickmen who will work at the mines on the battlefield that earn you money, and as you make money, you should use it to click on the gun button to spawn more soldiers, which you will eventually send out into battle against the enemies on the other side.

Have more troops than the others by always clicking and generating more resources and soldiers, and upgrade their weaponry, gear, and power as well, which means that they will cost more, so work on the resources part at the same time.

Defeat all the enemy soldiers of a wave to start the next battle, which has more enemies. Speed should also be increased whenever you've got the funding available for it.

Those are the basics, so now that you have been debriefed, be brave and strategic, general, and save the world from the evil stickman army!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Sergey Mezhakov

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