Stickman vs Stickman

Stickman vs Stickman

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Stickman vs Stickman
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Stickman vs Stickman Overview


Stickman vs Stickman is a game that already tells you from its title that it is going to be one of the newest stickman fighting games with 2 players, but that is not all, it is one of the best such games we've seen here in quite a while, so, of course, we would not have dared not to share it with you too, as we want to always make sure our visitors get the best of the best out there!

Begin the Stickman vs Stickman battle online!

Of course, for a game that is played in two, you must want to know how to control your two avatars, and here are the controls:

  • Player 1 moves with WASD and space to use the skill.
  • Player 2 moves with the ARROWS and shift to use the skill.

Fighting is done in all the modes of the game, but if you try the levels, you need to see which of you survives and who dies, in the 1x1 mode you fight against one another to be the last one standing, and in the Wars mode you need to co-op against the armies of stickmen controlled by the computer.

As with other games in this genre, use the shop to buy new skins, weapons, and gear. Let's begin this amazing experience right now, only here, and make sure to tell your friends all about it as well!

How to play?

P1: WASD, space.

P2: ARROWS, shift.

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